I love you, please love me… That’s how I feel free!

Dear children, I love you, please, love me. That’s how I feel free…!

A bloody day nobody understands
It’s not anymore in my hands
Where do I stay
After today
Danger is closer than never before
And freedom only through the backdoor
It’s from all times
Those cruel crimes
And despite all that wasted blood
FREEDOM remains the greatest god
Children, always trust
Another one bites the dust
Even you feel things are wrong
Believe in each other stays strong
At the end,
You will be my friend
sharing the love for each other
Will nobody bother
Promise me your smile
Every day in your own style
Dare, please dare
Let’s give, connect and share
Your own story
For honor and glory
Within yourself burns the freedom
Sharing it the future wisdom
I love you, please, love me
That’s how I feel free…!


(to honor our love ones in Paris, 13-11-15)


Passion Farmer, Pieter Monsma

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